Justin Bieber Controversies: From Groping to Partial Nudity to Political Blasphemy

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Justin Bieber has been involved in yet another controversy that has something to do with eggs.

His neighbor in Oaks, an exclusive community in Los Angeles, complained about an egg-throwing incident last Thursday. Police came to Bieber’s home with a warrant to conduct a search of the security videos hoping to shed light on what really happened. But they found something far more interesting: illegal drugs.

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Police discovered illegal drugs from one of his house guests, rapper Lil Za. They were unable to confirm if the drugs were cocaine, Ecstasy or Xanax.

But this is the least of Justin’s problems. If police can find enough evidence linking him to the egg-throwing incident, he can be prosecuted.

This is just one of the many controversies the Canadian pop star was involved in. Take a look back at some of the things that put Bieber in the news.

High-speed car chase

In July 2012, Bieber was pulled over for over speeding after escaping a group of photographers in the highway. The officer involved said he saw Bieber’s car changing lanes and cutting vehicles without even signaling. The photographer involved was eventually charged.

Bieber touching a fanTouching a fan’s breast

In January 2013, a photograph of him touching a female fan’s breast appeared on TMZ. It was also in the same site where a photo of him holding something that appeared to be marijuana emerged.

Worst birthday ever?

Controversy broke during his birthday celebration in London. Rumors about him trying to get Jayden, Will Smith’s underage son inside a bar, made its rounds in celebrity news sites. But Smith denied rumors that he was with the pop star. Justin then said that he just walked in and out of the “weak a** club.”?He was seen leaving the bar without a shirt on.

Late for his own concert

Fans were annoyed–some even mad–at the star for being 2 hours late at a concert in London. He tweeted, though, that he was just 40 minutes late.

Justin-Bieber-fight-lashes-out-paparazziAltercation with a photographer

It’s clear that Bieber and the paparazzi don’t get along well. After getting confined in a hospital, he got into a verbal argument that ended in a shouting match with a photographer in London.

What’s up with this kid?

Absurd comment, inappropriate behavior, and cursing a president

He went to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam in April and got himself in trouble when he said that he hoped the teen would’ve been a Belieber. That didn’t sit well with a lot of people, obviously. Then a leaked video in July showed him urinating on a janitor’s mop bucket. It also showed him spraying cleaning fluid on a photo of former U.S. president Bill Clinton while saying “F*** Bill Clinton.”

He then apologized to Clinton through a phone call and even tweeted about how great a guy the president is.

Shirtless at airportShirtless in a foreign city

During his birthday bash in London, photos of a shirtless Bieber made its rounds in the web. Then actress Olivia Wilde tweeted about it and asked him to put his shirt on. This made a lot of fans furious and even threatened to hurt the 28-year old actress. You think he’d take the advice?


On March 25 he was photographed shirtless at a Polish airport.

Do you think we’ll be hearing more news like these involving the pop superstar? For the sake of all the young kids looking up to this guy, I hope he doesn’t.


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