?Justice League? To Get A New Animated Series? Possible Cast, New Channel Revealed!

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One photo has made a lot of speculation that a new Justice League animated series is coming your way

The Justice League was DC Comic?s super team, where it composes of some of DC?s high profile heroes, it spawned a kiddie cartoons show called the Super Friends in the 70?s and a couple of years later another Justice League series was launched in 2001 and was produced by Bruce Timm, who also handled Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series in the 90?s. The Justice League series lasted for four years and received a follow up series called Justice League Unlimited which lasted for 2 years. A spin-off to the Justice League was launched in 2010 where it focused more on the teenaged prot?g?s of the adult Justice League where they formed a team to establish themselves as proven superheroes.


The speculation of a new Justice League animated series started when an unnamed source sent a photo of the Warner Bros. office in Burbank showing a gallery of posters from Warner Bros. current and upcoming animated series line up. The far right portion of the photo shows the speculated new animated series. Some are stating that JLA could mean Justice League of America but a source connected to the animation division of Warner Bros. stated that it is called Justice League: Action and it would be expected to premiere at Warner Bros. Boomerang channel instead of the usual Cartoon Network line-up.

Judging from the silhouettes, the JLA series will still have Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on the roster, along with some heavy hitters like Shazam, Zatana, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, the Huntress and probably Green Lantern. Some of the silhouettes are hard to decipher but hopefully we could get a hi-res version of the image or better, the full detailed poster if the JLA series is indeed real.

So far no announcements have been made yet, but let?s hope we could get some info this month or the next.

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