?Justice League? Batman Suit Copied from Nite Owl of the ?Watchmen??

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Justice League Batman Suit
Justice League Batman Suit

Justice League Batman suit copied from Nite Owl of the Watchmen? You’ll have to be the judge of that in a bit. It was reported earlier this year that in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, there would be two Batsuits that are going to be used by Bruce Wayne. First, is the one which he used battling the awful Parademons. This was called the Tactical Batsuit. It was going to have more protection and armor for Wayne against these enormous creatures.

Batman, played by actor Ben Affleck, soon realized that there are worse things out there in the universe. Especially after dealing with Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This scared the s**t out of him, and for good reason. So he made the kick-ass Frank Miller-inspired armor. Miller wrote the 1986 four-issue comic book miniseries which starred Batman. Thus the new tactical suit is also now fully equipped with Lex Luthor’s kryptonite. And just to be sure, beat the last son of Krypton. For now, at least.

Bruce Wayne knows he needs a little extra for the upcoming battles he’s about to face. So the new tactical suit is not only durable, but he can also move a lot better, more free to execute his fighting techniques with it.

Ramp It Up!

The suit wasn’t finished until July. Michael Wilkinson, the costume designer, said he had a few more weeks to kill before they needed the suit for filming. Thus, more time to ramp up the design. Snyder posted this image on his final day of shooting Affleck in the new tactical suit. Production is about to end very soon.

Unfortunately, the full details about the suit is still classified info right now. In here you can see our Gotham hero standing in his Batcave, pretty much bathed in shadows. It looks like he’s wearing goggles too. But aside from that, there isn’t much details to share. Curiously though, a lot of folks have noticed that it looks a lot like the Nite Owl suit. The one that was featured in Watchmen, also directed by Zack Snyder.

Then again, patience is a virtue. And, this will definitely be worth the wait! We?ll just have to wait and see when the Batman sequel is released on the big screen next year. For more on the Justice League Batman suit updates, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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