Just in: The Saboteur Pre-Order Trailer

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I just got word on a few updates for The Saboteur. Also stay tuned, I’ll be uploading some eye candy in around 48 hrs. So make sure you check back. Hit the break for the press info and vid….

Members of the Resistance,

Much has been going on behind the scenes here at Pandemic & across the globe & I wanted to shot you guys a message on what is going to be coming in the next week. Last week we took a trip to Paris, France to give our friends in Europe their first hands on preview of beta code for The Saboteur. The event showcased The Saboteur on Xbox 360 & for the first time on PC showing a few new missions & providing a good look of how the game is lining up for its release on December 8th.

This week overall is going to be jammed packed with content not only from our side but will play host to the first hands on previews & reviews of the game. If you haven’t noticed an event took place up in New York which has already lead to new coverage hitting online from & should be followed by many other gaming sites around the web.

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Big news items for this week…

– The ESRB has posted the full breakdown/description of The Saboteur on its website. The full details can be found here: http://forum.eacom/eaforum/posts/list/



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