Just Cause 3 System Requirements And Updates: Initial Download Size Hinted, New Large Map Size Also Hints Of Extensive Gameplay, Game?s Pre-Load File Now Live

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The game may not be available yet, but you can prepare yourselves by pre-loading the game right now.

The pre-load file for Just Cause 3 is now live for the PlayStation 4 so you can start downloading it if you pre-ordered the game. The initial size will be 6 GB before you can play the entire game and the full game size is at around 40 GB, and don?t forget that there is also a day one patch that is around 2.8 GB that fixes some of the bugs in the game and LOD optimization. It is already available for download so those who pre-ordered it can start downloading.

Meanwhile, the guys at PlayStation Access shared a video on how big the game map of Just Cause 3, where they take on a helicopter ride and explored the 400 square mile map from start to finish, which also took them almost 20 minutes to complete their tour, this can help you get an idea on how big the game?s area is. Another video is from developer Avalanche Studios where they show protagonist Rico attacking a military base that is located on the third and largest region in the game.

Just Cause 3 is an open world action game developed by Avalanche Studios and is published by Square Enix. This game continues the story from the previous game along with its tradition of having crazy action and stunts, now letting the players use crazy gears such as a Wingsuit and a grappling hook. The 400 square mile map will have tons of multiple location and islands to explore, giving players more option on how to approach each location and what kind of equipment they can use to eliminate threats.

Just Cause 3 will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 1st.

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