Just Cause 3 Review Roundup: Square Enix? New Open World Game Struggles To Impress Critics, Here?s Why

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Just Cause 3 has just arrived, but is the game really that big as it was promised?

Square Enix has launched the action-pack open world game to the home consoles and PC, but there were some complaints on the frame rate and some are not happy with the game?s appeal. But let us see what the game critics will have to say about Just Cause 3 as we listed out the reviews

IGN 8 out of 10 (Note that they only tested the PC and a separate review for the consoles will become available soon)

Just Cause 3 is a playground where you get to be a physics-defying force of destruction, and its loop of liberating dozens of towns across this enormous scenic world would?ve gotten old much quicker if the combat wasn?t so full of options for free-form mayhem. Getting the most out of it requires some creativity and tolerance for performance bugs on your part, so come expecting to make at least some of your own fun.

Destructoid 8 out of 10

I’m sure you’ll be seeing a ton of animated GIFs of Just Cause 3 for a while to come, due to all of the wacky things that can happen within the game. It truly is an insane, explosion-filled romp through a beautiful nation chock-full of cheeky humor. It provides some of the best open-world tools ever. This is definitely a case of “it is what you make of it,” and for those with intrinsic motivation to make it the best will be greeted with just that.

The Jimquisition 6.5 out of 10

Just Cause 3 is okay. It?s far from great, but it?s not bad either. It?s just a decent waste of time. You can expect to mine at least twenty hours from it, with far more on top if you get really into it. Personally, I feel there are far better ways to waste your time, but there are far worse too.

Videogamer 6 out of 10

There’s a lot to do in Just Cause 3, it’s just that doing it all isn’t really that much fun. In fact it’s probably a better game in retrospect than it is when you’re playing it: freed from the controls and other issues, you’ll remember it fondly. You’ll also likely want to get back to it: there’s a moreish, Ubisoft-style vibe here that encourages repeated playing. Those of you that wanted Just Cause 2 Part 2 will love what’s on offer, but it all feels lesser than the sum of its parts.

So far it is a mix reception due to the some issues on the frame rate and uninspired world. So have you purchased Just Cause 3? What do you think about the game?

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