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Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod: Beta Release ‘Fully Prepared’ But Not Arriving In Time For The Holidays, Says Devs

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Fans from different regions have eagerly waited for the release of the beta test for Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod. But it seems that they have to wait a bit more before they can get their hands on the beta version.

The supposed Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod was originally set for December 20 of this year. But a recent post from Nanos GbR stated that it will be delayed due to some ?administrative issues? that needs to be resolved.

There is still no specified date as to when the said ?issue? will be resolved but the Nanos team promised to release it as soon as possible. They have failed in releasing the mod in time for Christmas but they are expecting that the issue will be resolved within a week?s time.

The multiplayer mod will let the players grasp the open-world action feel similar to the original game setup. One of its feature is a race that other players can join. Using different types of cars to win the race that is set on a nearly impossible track will have players definitely up on their toes in excitement.

The mod will also feature the use of fighter jets for the players. They can play as a team with other gamers to finish a mission. The multiplayer options do not stop there. This mod has it all covered whether it be a battle on land, water and even in mid air.

Furthermore, the above mentioned mod will be a well-optimized rendition of the game. Hopefully this mod will reduce or even address several issues of players. Game?crashing, lagging are just a few issues that were encountered similarly in their previous DLC patch.

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The delay of Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod was an unforeseen issue. Furthermore, it definitely was out of the hands of Nanos GbR, (the team responsible for the multiplayer mod). But players can be assured that they will release it as soon as the issues have been settled.

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