Just Cause 3 Easter Eggs: Find The Dark Souls Reference, Snowman And Thor?s Hammer?

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With Just Cause 3 now available, let us take a look at some of the cool secrets in the game.

What makes Just Cause 3 more interesting is that it is more on action and fun, instead of being super serious on the plot. With that in mind the game has some cool references from other popular media, whether it is from a popular video game or movie or comics. Adding these references give players more time to search for them as an added fun factor. With the islands of Medici being huge, there are probably more secrets to uncover.

The guys from Kotaku shared their list of seven known Easter eggs in the game, and to find these, you can just check each of the mentioned Easter eggs with their corresponding videos.

Dark Souls

You can find an interesting bonfire where it pays homage to the Dark Souls game, and you can actually light it, just like in the actual game. You can refer to the video on where to find this spot.

Mr. Snowman

The Snowman Easter egg is back once again, this snowman made its appearance in Just Cause 3, you can even hear Rico make a remark about it once he interacts with it. For guides on how to find this, you can check the video below.

Soapbox car

Ever tried riding this little wooden vehicles? Time to bring back some of the vintage kids toys by taking a ride with these babies, check out the video on how to spot this.

Thor?s Hammer

Yes, Mjolnir makes an appearance in the game, though it may be tricky in spotting this, but you can check out the video.

Giant Rubber Duck

You can find and ride a giant rubber duck in one of the lakes, the video shows you where.

Mile High Club

The Mil High Club airship from Just Cause 2 can be found in the latest game, check out the video for the details.


Remember the Stargate TV series and movie? You can find a working Stargate and it teleports you to a different location, all with matching sound effects from the series.


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