Just A Few Days Left! Waze Makes Joyride With The Terminator Possible

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator character voices Waze
Navigation app, Waze, makes use of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice

Only one more day to go and the apocalyptic movie franchise ?Terminator? hits the screen with ?Terminator Genisys,? and mess our minds anew with nuclear, End of the World scenarios.

This also means that you only have a few more days to enjoy Terminator star and former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, order you around, or more specifically, give you directions to your destination via the social GPS app, Waze.

As many of you might now be aware of, the former governor lent his voice to the navigation app as part of the promotion of his latest movie that?s showing tomorrow. Schwarzenegger?s signature Austrian accent makes the surprisingly reliable community-based traffic application fun to use ? adding an exciting twist to an otherwise straightforward function.

As part of the promotion, Waze will also be indicating movie houses in the map with the Terminator?s red-eyed endoskull symbol to alert Waze users of where Terminator Genisys is showing.

This is not the first time Waze partnered with a celebrity to promote a show or movie. Kevin Heart also lent his voice to promote Ride Along, while Terry Crewes lend added a comedic touch to Waze while endorsing the hit TV series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Waze has been a popular application for the past years because of its friendly and efficient interface. Aside from giving accurate directions, it can also pinpoint the best destination to go through by avoiding traffic, which came from crowd-sourced information from other users. The app was acquired by Google in 2013 for a reported $1.03 billion.

Going for a ride

So before Arnold bids us farewell this week, we decided to take him up on a ride and used the Terminator Genisys to guide us through Waze. We pretty much chose a rather boring route to the mall no less? one that we usually take and know by heart. So after typing in our destination?

Arnold: ??I?m a Terminator Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, and you?re coming with me? ? and we?re off! The Terminator proceeds to show us that our destination is a priority compared to say, the fate of the world when he said, ?I?m looking for Sarah Connor, but we can go to your destination first.? This is starting to sound very exciting already.

But maybe it was my route, but Arnold didn?t have anything exciting to say at first. We passed by a few Starbucks, and he didn?t seem too inclined to acknowledge the universal landmark. It was quite amusing though to wait for his throaty accent tell us that it?s time to ?turn right? or ?go straight?, so imagine our delight (and trepidation!) when he suddenly alerted us with a rather convincing ?my mission is to protect you ? accident ahead!?

The accident, which involved a really minor collision, was gone by the time we reached its intersection so I owe the over reaction to good old Arnie?s overacting. Still I tread on, going slowly with the hope that my own personal Terminator will say something interesting soon (oh the lengths this mum goes for a little entertainment), but I have to say our little trip was kind of lackluster. Yes, there was no T-1000 to watch out for, and the most trouble I got into was when it felt like I was running on fumes because of traffic (Waze pointed me to the nearest gas station).

At the end of our trip, I was being all wistful and Linda Hamilton, waiting for a Mexican ni?o to snap my picture for my child in the future, when Arnold didn?t disappoint and ended our ride with a heartfelt, ?You have reached your destination … hasta la vista, baby!?

The Terminator Genisys app will only be available this July. Terminator Genisys is showing tomorrow across the US. To download Waze, click here.

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