Jurassic World ‘Lords’ over The Avengers!

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Marvel, Jurassic-World, Twitter, AvengersAnd we all thought nothing can be cooler than the Avengers.

It turns out that even in defeat, Marvel is definitely no sore loser. In today’s viral Twitter post, Marvel boss Kevin Feige posted an illustration made by world-famous artist, and member of his studio’s Visual Development Team, Andy Park, of Chris Pratt’s Jurassic World character riding atop a T-Rex, and overlooking the Avengers team.

The illustration was made in reference to?Colin Trevorrow?s Jurassic Park sequel, outgrossing 2012’s The Avengers in the opening weekend by almost a million dollars.?It was Marvel’s own special way of recognizing Pratt’s character, Owen (and his T-rex), as the new Box Office King.

This is not the first time that rival productions recognised and congratulated competition for a box office hit. In 1977, director Steven Spielberg congratulated George Lucas when the latter’s Star Wars, outgrossed Jaws in domestic video rental charts.

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