Jurassic World Cast Chris Pratt Baffles New Yorkers, Actor Not Really That Famous?

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Chris Pratt may have emerged as ?the brightest leading man? in a long time, but apparently, there are still tons of New Yorkers who have absolutely no idea who he is.

In a speak peek of this week?s episode of Billy on the Street, comedian Billy Eichner ran around Manhattan with Chris Pratt, offering a dollar to anyone who could identify the actor. Even though Pratt has starred in several of the biggest films of the past year, many people didn?t recognize him at all reports Time.

First, Eichner approaches a couple, and gives them a hint: ?You know, Guardians of the Galaxy?? They say they don?t watch TV, to which Eichner responds, ?It?s movies! You think he?s still slumming on NBC??

One person thought Pratt was Chris Evans, while another thought he was ?Liam.? (Hemsworth, perhaps?) Finally, a woman named Renee correctly identifies Pratt ? but still isn?t nearly as excited as Eichner wants her to be.

Comedian Billy Eichner released a sneak peek of an upcoming episode of Billy on the Street that featured Chris as his celebrity guest. Eichner said the point of the clip was to ?ask New Yorkers about how excited they are about Chris Pratt?s career.? What actually ended up happening was Eichner dragging Pratt down the sidewalks of New York to ask people the million-dollar question, or rather, the one dollar question: Do you know who this guy is?, reports Inquisitr.

According to Tech Times, despite his widely successful career, most of the folks they ambushed had no idea who he is, and the one person that did wasn’t quite as excited as you think someone meeting a huge star would be.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the charming Andy Dwyer from the highly acclaimed NBC series Parks and Recreation, Owen Grady, the Velociraptor Alpha in Jurassic World, Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy, Emmet in the Lego Movie are characters portrayed by actor Chris Pratt, right? Wrong.


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