Jung Joon Young Sex Video Scandal Forces Him To Leave Korea For Good?

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Korean singer and actor Jung Joon Young allegedly has a sex video. It is believed that the scandal is the real reason why he is leaving South Korea for an extended period.

Joon Young supposedly filmed a sex video with his former girlfriend without the latter?s consent. Reports claim that a lawsuit has been filed against the celebrity but was acquitted.

C9 Entertainment already released a statement to confirm that Joon Young?s ex-girlfriend filed a sexual assault lawsuit against him.

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According to Yibada, the woman filed a lawsuit against Joon Young on August 6. The case was already with the East District Prosecutor?s Office before she opted to cancel it after a few days.

Joon Young admitted that he did film their sexual intercourse. However, he was able to make it clear that the camera was not hidden. The Mr. Baek: The Homemade Food Master star also maintained that he deleted the video.

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It was learned that a mobile phone was used to film the sexual act. Joon Young did not surrender the phone though because the device was broken.

Joon Young Leaving for France

Other reports claim that Joon Young leaving for France is not because of the sex video scandal. Sources claim that the real reason why he is going abroad is to work on a new album. However, there is no definite timetable of his comeback as of this time. Could Joon Young involvement in a sex scandal affect his career?

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Several fans believe that the latest controversy involving Joon Young will affect his career in a way or another. He already resigned from his shows 2 Days & 1 Night and Mr. Baek: The Homemade Food Master before the court acquitted him.

Joon Young is popular to many fans as the lead vocalist of JJY Band. The rock band changed changed its name to Drug Restaurant in May 2016.

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