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June Recap: New Services, Controversies, and Revival Of The Classics Dominated This Month?s World of Tech

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We?re down to our last day of June, and we have to admit that this has been a great month in the world of all things Tech and wonderful. We?ve seen a few exciting launch of new products, a few controversies, and some of the best video games to watch out for this year and the next.

Here?s more of our rundown:

Classic games make a comeback

Gears-of-war-4, game, gaming, Microsoft

Gears of War 4 trailer debuts in E3 2015.

There was an obvious trend in games at the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center earlier this month: Classic, old, and games we thought we already saw the last of, suddenly find new life as their respective mother consoles announced a possible release for this year and next.

Fans of Xbox clearly can?t decide which game to be more excited for as Microsoft confirmed the return of three game changers: Rise of the Tomb Raider; Halo 5: Guardians, and Gears of War 4. Arguably, the latter stirred more excitement from fans, thrilling them as its first-ever game play footage played onscreen. Gears of War 4 is slated to be released next year.

After years of speculation, Sony finally announced that The Last Guardian is finally returning, and will officially launch sometime next year. The comeback has been anticipated to return in the past E3 events, so it was definitely a welcome surprise when Sony announced the game?s launch date.

Classic games like Street Fighter V is also expected to return via Sony?s PS4, along with games like the highly entertaining Firewatch by Santo.

These games are definitely something to look forward to specially now that Sony?s PS4 will now have a 1TB storage, and Xbox introduces cheaper consoles.

Apple and Google Offer free service

Microsoft Office now offered for Android Phones

Apple geared-up for the launch of their music streaming service today ? Apple Music. Despite earlier controversies, particularly one with singer superstar Taylor Swift, many Apple enthusiasts still looked forward to the launch of their new service, which will be free for the next three months!

Still, Google Play Music took the thunder from their launch when they made their own announcement that they are also offering the service for free, weeks ahead of the Apple launch.

Speaking of free, Microsoft finally offered Office for Android gadgets, making Word, Excel, and Power Point now easier to use while on the go.

Users can now use FB Messenger even without a Facebook Account

Facebook also announced a free service of their own: Free use of their famous FB messenger even if they don?t have an FB account!

This is not the first time that Facebook is dabbling on services offered by competitors. Last week, Facebook made it possible to search for tops and copy the links without having to leave the FB page ? slowly introducing a search engine feature that could very well compete with Google.

They also introduced Instant Articles, a new tool where stories from publishers like The New York Times, The Guardian and National Geographic can instantly publish their stories on Facebook..

There?s also talks about the social media site competing against YouTube when it comes to their video interface, making it easier to look and share vids on user?s wall. If all goes as planned, Facebook will also be hosting videos of copyrighted materials from artists.

Gmail announces Undo Send

gmail undo send, gmail, google mail

Google announced that they are finally offering Undo Send as one of the features of everybody?s favorite e-mail platform. According to Google, this is already a popular feature in Gmail Labs, and was just recently added to Inbox by Gmail as a formal setting.

?Undo Send? allows people using Gmail to cancel a sent mail if they have second thoughts immediately after sending. The feature is turned off by default for those not currently using the Labs version, and can be enabled from the General tab in Gmail settings.

Samsung glitch

Samsung, Android, Bug, Virus, Hackers, Smartphones

600 Million Samsung phones are said to be in danger of being hacked because of keypad bug.

It wasn?t such a good month for Samsung on the other hand, as they faced a few glitches in their mobile and computer devices.

Earlier this month, it was reported that 600 million phones are at risk from hackers as a result of a lapse in the South Korean smartphone?s keyboard software Swiftkey, which has access to all the software in the phone, and can be used to gather personal messages, pictures, and even operate phone camera if connected to a Wi-fi network. The bug can also install unwanted or malicious apps in the phone, and gather other sensitive information from the Android device. A patch to fix the bug from Samsung?s security arm, Knox, is still to be released.

Another issue of Samsung computers not allowing automatic Windows updates in their system also surfaced ? a pressing matter considering the nearing launch of the new Windows 10. Samsung will also be releasing a new patch that will ensure a hassle-free Windows update among all their computers.

Social Media turns to Rainbow

Android supports LGBT community

Android celebrates Pride Month

In the last weekend of June, people from all over the world were greeted by a colorful array of rainbow-themed posts in social media in honor of the LGBT Pride Month, particularly, the US Supreme Court?s decision to legalize all gay marriage in the US.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Microsoft, and even, Game of Thrones, among others, showed their support in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, along with the now viral hashtag #LoveWins.

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