Jumanji Sequel Shooting Starts as Dwayne Johnson Inspires The Team

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Jumanji Sequel

Apparently, the production of Jumanji sequel has started. The famous wrestler and actor, Dwayne Johnson will be in the movie. The actor also stated that the movie will take the audience?s breath away and give them goosebumps like crazy.

Jumanji Sequel To Take Place in Hawaii

Dwayne Johnson is one of the actors who work hard. However, despite being busy, the actor still manages to update his fans on his current film. The actor is currently about to start making the Jumanji sequel and start shooting in Hawaii.

The actor also uploaded a video on Instagram. The video shows Johnson himself and the other cast while being blessed by the priest, AKA Kahu. Along with the video, Johnson has also uttered some inspiring words.


Johnson stated that he often talk about mana or spirit with his fans. And the mana in that room and in that moment was extremely powerful. Furthermore, their Kahu told them that even if their faces are the ones on the screen, the movie still requires an amazing crew of everyone.

Jumanji Sequel

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Jumanji 1995

The previous and original Jumanji was released on 1995. The movie starred Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt and Robin Williams. The young boy William was sucked inside the board game.

Eventually, he?s been set free along with the other creatures within the board game. Until then, a lot of chaotic scenarios began. These includes an elephant ravaging everything in its path in the middle of the road.

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The movie also produced a game and a potential sequel. The Jumanji sequel was first announced back in April, the movie was presumed as a reboot of the original movie. However, Johnson has made it clear that the film was a Jumanji sequel.

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