July 2014: 5 Best New Android Apps You Need To Know About

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Thinking about a new Android app to download? Check out this list of newly released apps on Google Play

Just like baby kittens, new apps need some tender, loving care too, yes? With hundreds of new apps made available on Google Play every week, it?s really easy to lose track of which new Android app truly offers real functionality or entertainment. So we?ve done you a favor and rounded up 5 of the newest apps we deem useful for all Android fans.

Copy Bubble

It has bubbles for translating, bubbles for browsing, and bubbles for messaging ? obviously the developer of this new Android app has a pathogenic bubble obsession and they named the app (surprise!) ?Copy Bubble.? Jokes aside, this app offers a really simple way of utilizing copied texts on your device?s clipboard and paste them into any other app on your device like Dropbox, email, Facebook, or Instagram.

Commandr for Google Now

Commandr for Google Now is apparently an app that caters to seasoned Android users. The app allows users to issue voice commands that will do various things from turning on flashlight, opening the Settings menu, controlling music playback, activating & deactivating connectivity features such as Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-FI and much more.

Wear Aware – Phone Lost

Wearable devices powered by the Android Wear OS like Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch have just been released. It has yet to land on many users? wrists, but it?s better to be prepared, right? This new Android app basically has one function ? it acts as a leash between your Android phone and your Android Wear device. The app will make the smartwatch buzz whenever it detects that you?re walking a certain distance away from your phone.

SoulCraft 2

This game is the follow-up to MobileBit?s SoulCraft game. This new Android app version now offers a ?Multiplayer League? where players can challenge others in different ?asynchronous multiplayer matches.? SoulCraft 2 is free to download from Google Play but offers in-app purchases to access more content.


This app serves as a math formula guide that comes with hundreds of formulas from various areas of mathematics. It includes formulas for Basic Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Conic Sections, Calculus and Laplace Transforms (for engineers). The developers noted that they are adding formulas for the following topics to their future update: Statistics, Vectors, 3D, Probability, Differential Equations, and Number Theory.


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