Judge Named ‘Wolf’ Contradicts Name With These Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness [Viral]

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Judge Amber Wolf proves that her name does not define her as a person. The judge did an unbelievable act of kindness and her act has now gone viral.

Wolf is a judge from Louisville. She found out that an offender facing a burglary case has not seen his son ever since the latter was born. He was in the custody during his son?s birth.

When Wolf discovered his case, what she did next touched the hearts of many.

Judge Wolf arranged a meeting with the offender and his baby. His baby is now one month old. The defendant’s name is James Roeder.

Roeder and his wife, Ashley, are co-defendants in the same burglary case. And due to this fact, Wolf had ordered the couple to not have contact with each other.

While Ashley was awaiting their trial, she gave birth to their baby. The mom is luckier as she has seen her son when she gave birth to him. But the father is not as fortunate.

The couple had back-to-back court dates on August 5. On the same day, Wolf noticed something. She could have sworn that Ashley was holding up her son because she hopes that her husband could see him.

Wolf knows that James may not have the chance to see his son, at least for now. It could take a very long time for him to finally see his baby. So Wolf opted to intervene and it was the kindest interference ever.

The kind act happened on the Jefferson District Court. Wolf calls James back into the place. The judge made it clear that James and Ashley are not allowed to talk about their case. All that she wanted was to make an exception to the no-contact order. All she wanted was for James to see his baby.

Ashley hands their baby to James. James held and kissed him. Both of them were in tears.

Wolf thanked Ashley for letting her be part of James?s meeting with his son. As a judge, Wolf definitely has a heart. Her kind act only showed that not all ?wolves? are frightening.

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