Jotun: Let?s Help Fund this Epic David vs. Goliath Game

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While we have been mostly confined to graphic-heavy 3D titles in the past decade, many of us have almost forgotten how great some of the classic 2D games can be. Titles such as Breath of Fire, Legend of Zelda, and even Pok?mon the adventure game have touched our lives at some point.

There?s an upcoming game trending in Kickstarter right now that can potentially bring back these classics to our lives. There?s an indie developer who?s been working on a 2D game called Jotun. It?s a mythological Action-RPG game about Vikings, Gods, and giants. And our first impressions of the game?it is damn A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

In the game, you take the role of a Viking warrior and your enemies are giants called Jotuns. Filled with epic boss fights and environmental puzzles, you explore the world of Viking purgatory. And your mission is to prove yourself to the Gods that you are worthy of entering Valhalla.

Take a moment to look at these breath-taking screenshots of the game and appreciate the 2D art.





According to the game creators, this game will be the most challenging game you will ever play. Just by looking at the screenshots, my heart is already pounding with excitement. I can?t wait to get a hold of the game.

But the developers are in need of our help. They need to raise $50,000 in their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the project. As of this writing, the campaign has already raised $15,625, which is definitely looking great,?but we need more support!

If Jotun gets funded successfully, the game will hopefully be released September of next year. For as low as $15, you can get a hold of the DRM-free digital copy of the game. Or if you?re lucky, there?s an early bird package worth $10, which is already about to run out.

Check their Kickstarter campaign here and pledge your support now!

Image Source: Jotun Kickstarter Page

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