Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton Not Getting Married: Engagement of ?Bachelor in Paradise? Stars Called Off Due to Alleged Jealousy

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Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are no longer getting married, insiders claimed. The highly publicized engagement of the Bachelor in Paradise stars was called off amid allegations that one of them is overly jealous.

The two made news earlier this month when they were caught having a lovers quarrel at KIIS FM?s Jingle Ball event. ?Now, more details are being revealed about how their seemingly perfect relationship allegedly ended.

Drunk Escapades

A source revealed to Us Weekly that Stanton was left alone at the KIIS event after Murray got upset with her. The 32-year-old New York native allegedly got mad upon discovering that his fiance got drunk at a recent Lake Tahoe outing.

The incident took place while she was with another Bachelor in Paradise cast member, Ashley Laconetti. The 26-year-old supposedly blurted out their escapades without realizing that her beau could hear them.

?We haven?t been this drunk since Tahoe!? Stanton supposedly told Laconetti. Murray got livid since the mother-of-two apparently did not even admit that she drank at the said outing.

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Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton No Longer Getting Married

However, insiders revealed that Murray could have also contributed to his relationship?s issues.

Sources claimed that the reality TV personality constantly checked on his young girlfriend during her Tahoe getaway. ?He needed to talk to her at all times to keep tabs on what she was doing,? a source alleged.

The fact that Stanton still got drunk even though she was guarded by Murray made the over-protective boyfriend more disappointed. ?He felt disrespected when he heard that Amanda was drunk in Tahoe,? an insider said.

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Staying for the Kids?

Now, some believe that the former ?model couple? might have been putting up a front all along.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton?s engagement constantly made news since September. Insiders claim that things have been rocky since the show ended.

As per sources, Murray has been holding on to the relationship not just for Stanton, but because of her kids as well. The young mom?s two daughters, Kinsley and Charlie, are said to be very close to him.

?I know Josh had been unhappy with things for a while now but was holding on because he loves the kids,? an insider stated.

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