?Jonny Quest Movie? Becomes A Reality: Production Team, Plot Introduced, Will Include All Your Favorite Jonny Quest Episodes

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For everyone who was born in the 60?s and who?s a child at heart, you?ll definitely be amazed with the announcement that Jonny Quest is finally being turned into a live-action movie. Despite the long wait, the ?Jonny Quest? live-action movie will ultimately become a reality, reported by Screenrant. As recent news confirm, Robert Rodriguez has finally agreed to be onboard and direct the live-action movie. And with his experience at the helm, the adventures of Jonny will definitely be an escapade to watch out for.

Collider was able to talk with producer Adrian Askarieh about some of the details for the approach Jonny Quest will take in the live-action movie. ?We?re working based on the original 1960s Jonny Quest prime time animated show. That is our source of, not only inspiration, but the pool that we?re culling our inspirations from.?

?I know a lot of people like The New Adventures of Jonny Quest, and that?s fine, but we are now focusing on the original 60s animated show. Robert [Rodriguez], Dan Lin, Terry Rosio, myself, big fans, and look, there?s nothing wrong with it, so if it?s not broke, don?t fix it,? Askarieh added. ?That thing is a work of genius. We?re lucky to have it to reference.?

Producer Dan Lin and writer Terry Rosio will supposedly join the ?Jonny Quest? live-action movie and will be based solely on the 26 episodes of the 1964 series, shared by Screenrant. ?Jonny Quest is in it. Race Bannon, Benton Quest, Hadji is in the movie, even Bandit, Jezebel Blade. If you love Jonny Quest, the potential that his movie has to honor that show, I think you?ll be thrilled by it.?

With Askarieh developing the live-action movie for eight years, his thoughts on how to present the ?Jonny Quest? to the big screen are very firm. ?We want to make a PG-13. Again, I never want to be presumptuous to stamp a rating before the studio gets involved; that?s ultimately their decision. This is not going to be a kiddie action-adventure movie; this will be an action-adventure that happens to have a 12-year-old in it? That?s what we want. That?s our M.O. for this movie. Indiana Jones meets James Bond.?

Although there?s still no plan when the film will be finished, Askarieh?s clear grasp over the show and the crew?s passion for ?Jonny Quest? should definitely satisfy the fans.

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