Jonah Hill Cocaine Overdose? ?Wolf of Wall Street? Actor Hospitalized from Too Much Fake Cocaine

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Jonah Hill recently admitted on HBO?s Any Given Wednesday that he ingested too much fake cocaine. The 32-year-old actor revealed he had to be sent to the hospital due to a cocaine overdose. He contracted bronchitis for snorting too much vitamin powder for his role as Donnie Azoff in The Wolf of Wall Street.

For a particular scene on The Wolf of Wall Street, Hill and his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio had to take ?coke,? which was actually vitamin powder. But it was very unfortunate for Hill to have inhaled too much. He developed bronchitis after doing that scene from the 2013 movie.
His personal experience led Hill to discuss the side effects of vitamin powder. According to him, if one ingests too much matter in the lungs, anyone will end up feeling very sick. The Academy Award-nominated actor shared that they were doing fake coke for seven months. They had to do it on a daily basis.
However, the actor approved the marching powder to put some zest in his routine. Hill shared that he never had more vitamin D in his whole life. He exclaimed that he could have lifted a car in his head.
Watch Hill?s interview in Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons here:

But it looks like the incident won?t prevent Hill from having another encounter with fake drugs. The Superbad actor will again portray the role of a drug abuser and arms dealer named Efraim Diveroli in his new movie, War Dogs. The said film allows him to work alongside Miles Teller.
As for pretending to be high on screen, Hill shared that the secret is to have energy drinks, as well as listen to chaotic music. He said it is actually an interesting thing to pretend to be on drugs. What he does to do so effectively is he makes a playlist that will help him with every scene. Aside from that, he drinks several cups of coffee and Red Bull.
And now, we hope that Hill won?t have to deal with caffeine overdose next time.


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