Game Of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers: Jon Snow to return in Game of Thrones but only as corpse

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Jon Snow (Image Credit: Game of Thrones Facebook/HBO)

Ever since Jon Snow was shown dead in the ?Game of Thrones? season five finale, fans couldn?t digest the fact that Kit Harington would not be returning to the role. Rumors were circulating that Harrington would reprise in the role and keep the fans happy.

Last year, it was reported that Harrington was seen at HBO?s office and expected that he would be brought again in the series. Well, the news is partly right, Jon Snow will be seen in Game of Thrones Season Six but as a corpse.

Kit Harington, who plays the role of Jon Snow, had divulged that he did shoot some scenes for the upcoming series, but he is dead in the show, notes TimeOut London.

?Look, I?m not in the show anymore. I?m definitely not in the new series,? he told the Daily Mail.

While being asked if he had filmed any scenes, he said, ‘I filmed some scenes of me being dead,’ and jokingly added, ‘it?s some of my best work.’

It is surprising that even though Jon Snow is dead, Kit Harington is the only actor to have played as a corpse for an extended period of time. No other character of George R. R. Martin has hung around in the series after being dead for more than a scene or two.

Currently, the English actor is doing a lot of press meetings, and he is being asked a lot of question about the fate of the beloved bastard. However, he has been successfully managed to sidestep them, insisting that his character is certainly dead and also managed to avoid questions regarding his comeback in some other capacity.

Nevertheless, fans are still not convinced about the news and are gathering evidence to suggest that he will reprise in some form or other. One of the fan theory is Jon Snow might be resurrected by either Melisandre or the Night?s King.

As of now, the actor is preparing for the title role in ?Doctor Faustus? in the West End.

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