Jon Bon Jovi: After Wedding Gig, Here’s Where You’ll Find Him

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Rock star Jon Bon Jovi appears to know more than just slow rock songs as he recently sang in a private wedding reception in Florida with Jazz singer Lourdes Valentin.

Bon Jovi recently attended a wedding reception in Miami where Valentin performed before the guests. The Jazz singer, in a particular video on YouTube, sang the classic rock song of Bon Jovi titled ?Livin? on a Prayer? and it certainly pumped up the guests.

At first, it was only Valentin who was in front of the people. As she approaches the chorus of the song, she went near the rock icon and seemed to be inviting him to sing with her. Apparently, her plan was a success as the rocker grabbed the microphone after being reluctant for a few moments and took the lead on the second verse. Bon Jovi even walked to the stage to sing with the wedding band as fans sang along with him.

With this performance, it somehow proves that Bon Jovi could sing a smoother version of his rock songs. The arrangement of the song, which was in Jazz, was made by Valentin prior to the wedding and she specifically did it for Bon Jovi. ?It was a thrill to sing with such an amazing artist,? said Valentin of her duet with the rock star.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntvHMxlFasE]

Now, for those who want to see more of Jon Bon Jovi, we are going to give you his upcoming performances. However, his schedule is not that busy this 2016. On his official website, there are only two schedules listed for the rock star.

According to the Runaway Tours schedule, Bon Jovi is going to be performing in Dublin, Ireland on July 21 to 23. He will then proceed to Manhattan to continue the tour. He will be there from July 27 to the 29th. You can visit the official website of the tour to be updated on the rock star?s schedule.

It is amazing to see Jon Bon Jovi perform in a wedding reception and what?s more surprising is him going along with the Jazz version of his rock song. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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