Joker Game Spy Anime Coming This April after its Manga Version Release

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Joker Game Spy

In a recent report by the Anime News Network, it was revealed that the Joker Game Spy anime is set to debut this April. Based on Koji Yanagi?s popular novel entitled ?Joker Game?, the TV series, with its predecessor versions in live action film and currently in manga form, is being produced by one of Japan?s leading anime production companies,Production I.G.

Heading the cast of characters is Imperial Japanese Army officer, Lt. Colonel Yuki. Yuki will be forming and leading an army intelligence unit simply called ?D Agency.? The group?s performance is also watched over by Lieutenant Sakuma, who was assigned by the army general to observe the unit. The team?s ?don?t kill, don?t get killed, don?t get captured? mantra will be the driving force in ensuring that missions launched on both domestic and foreign forces are successful.

Premiering on the 5th of April, AT-X will air the anime version of the Joker Game Spy anime at exactly 11:00 p.m. Other channels will also launch the anime version including TV Aichi, Tokyo MX and MBS.

Other than the said premiere, Joker Game Spy will also treat its fans with some giveaways including booklets and postcards. In a Reddit post made by Turbostrider27, a comment about the upcoming premiere of the Joker Game Spy anime has been welcomed by several users.

In a comment made by username, henryfc, it said ?I’m also really looking forward to watching this! I really like the premise character designs of this anime! I feel like in a way, it’s kind of unique. This anime is also nice because the cast include some seiyuu who I have enjoyed hearing before like Jun Fukuyama, Takahiro Sakurai, Shizuka Itou and Yuuki Kaji.?

The military novel based anime will broadcast every Tuesday at 23:00 (JST). No schedule has been set on when will the broadcast ends.

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