?Joker Game? Anime New Trailer, Releases Opening And Ending Theme Song

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Excited to watch the anime version of the spy mystery novel Joker Game? Well, we all are.

And just to excite you a little more and put you on the edge of your seat, another set of promotional material has been released along with the teaser for the opening and ending theme song.

Haven?t watched it? Well, you can search for it now and make yourself even more excited for the K?jiYanagi’s anime.

According to the article of Anime News Network, Kadokawa has unleashed the third promo video for the upcoming anime story last Thursday. The article also revealed that the theme songs to be used for the show have also been streamed online.

The ending theme song is performed by Magic of Life and titled ?Double.? The opening song, on the other hand, is titled ?Reason Triangle? which is sung by the Quadrangle. The ending song is set to be shipped on May 25 while the opening song will be distributed on April 27.

The person behind the Ghost in the Shell?s new movie, ?Robotics,? Kazuya Nomura will be on the helm position for the project while Toshiyuki Yahagi of Guilty Crown will be the chief animation director. He will also be adapting the original designs of Dogs: Bullets & Carnage. Meanwhile, Haikyu?s Taku Kishimoto will man the composition of the scripts.

Who are the anime stars? Here are they as posted in the Anime News Network:

Kenyuu Horiuchi as Lt. Col. Y?ki

Tomokazu Seki as Lt. Sakuma

Hiro Shimono as Miyoshi

Ryohei Kimura as Kaminaga

Yoshimasa Hosoya as Odagiri

Toshiyuki Morikawa as Amari

Yuuki Kaji as Hatano

Jun Fukuyama as Jitsui

Kazuya Nakai as Fukumoto

Takahiro Sakurai as Tazaki

Kenjiro Tsuda as Jir?Kam?

Tessh?Genda as Col. Mut?

Kentarou Tone as John Gordon

Nobuyuki Hiyama as Alan Lelunier

Ryota Takeuchi as Jean Victoire

Shizuka Itou as Marie Torres

The show will be set before World War II where Lieutenant Colonel Y?ki of the Imperial Japanese Army forms an army intelligence outfit called ?D Agency.? The clinch here is that Yuki will go against the doctrine of IJA which is, “Don’t kill, don’t get killed, don’t get captured.” The lieutenant will be shown training the team for missions against domestic and foreign powers.

The anime will debut on April 5.

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