Jojo Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 33 Spoilers: Enigma Sealed, Cheap Trick Next?

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Jojo Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 33 Spoilers

Here is a recap of Jojo Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 33.

As Josuke opens a piece of paper left by the enemy, Terunosuke, he suddenly finds this enemy pointing a gun at him. Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to protect himself. Terunosuke then reveals how Enigma can seal anything with?a slip of a paper. However, Enigma seems to be weak and cannot inflict damage on?anyone, unless the paper trapping is torn.

Terunosuke throws a slip of paper with Koichi?s name on an incoming car, which Josuke attempts to catch. Josuke triggers Enigma to capture him by biting his lip. He then reveals that he knew the paper didn?t have Koichi in it because they needed him as a hostage. Enigma begins sealing off Josuke, who vows to kill Terunosuke.

Victorious, Terunosuke points out Yuya’s tic of placing his hand on his chin when afraid, before releasing a taxi to drive off to the Morioh Grand Hotel and capturing Jotaro Kujo.

Yuya, along with Highway Star, chases after Terunosuke. He is able to make the taxi stop and sniff out traps placed by Enigma?s paper. Unfortunately, he is not able to stop Josuke and Koichi from being sucked into an indestructible paper shredder.

Yuya uses his tic to be imprisoned by Enigma and uses this opportunity to free Josuke and Koichi. Terunosuke is taken aback and gets incapacitated by Josuke and Koichi. Josuke takes the time to point out Terunosuke’s tic of closing one eye when scared and closing both eyes when extremely scared, before using Crazy Diamond and the refuse from the paper shredder to turn him into a book.

Jojo Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 33 Spoilers

Josuke then deposits the book, titled Enigma, to the library.

Meanwhile, Rohan continues his meeting with Masazo. Masazo gets killed by his renegade Stand Cheap Trick and moves to Rohan as its new host. Rohan tries to flee from Cheap Trick, however, the Stand would not let him go.

Rohan realizes that Cheap Trick is in league with Kira and believes that Kira?is in one of the photos in the album. He?attempts to use Heaven?s Door but soon realizes he would harm himself. He is left with the option of showing his back to someone else in order for the Stand to move to another host. The episode ends with Rohan trying to find a way to inform Koichi about Cheap Trick.

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