John Mayer New Album Leak: Drummer Steven Jordan Accidentally Spills the Beans

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John Mayer New Album Leak
John Mayer New Album Leak

The John Mayer new album leak was actually caused by no other than Mayer’s drummer, Steven Jordan. Fans of Mayer have been ecstatic after learning that ?Your Body Is A Wonderland? singer is gearing up for the release of his latest album.

This happened during an interview with Mayer and his band at the 15th Annual Jazz Foundation of America Gala. The event was for the benefit of older jazz and blues musicians. During the said event, it seems like his drummer, Jordan, actually revealed the name of the upcoming album.

He said, “The last time, when we first came together for tsunami relief, we were starting the Continuum album, and so now we’re doing this relief and it’s in the middle of, or finishing John?s newest album, The Search for Everything.” He said this ?before he caught his tongue.

Then Mayer said that this is actually the second time Jordan has announced the name of the record while he hasn’t told anybody yet. The drummer bit his fist and went ‘oh! opps’ but it was too late.

Jordan was then asked to reveal the pop crooner’s first single, but he was well prepared this time. He didn’t want to repeat the same mistake twice. Mayer gave no exact date either, only said it might be in a couple of days, or weeks. And, now, his first single was actually just released and it was sure worth the wait!

Love on the Weekend

You hear this song you’ll remember why you fell in love with John Mayer in the first place. I did. It’s the kind of song you’d play on a Sunday morning, doing nothing. Curled up in your sheets not wanting to get up. Wishing every single day was a Sunday. Always a Sunday. Okay enough. Here’s the song so you’ll know what I’m talking about. Enjoy!

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