John Legend Donald Trump Twitter Exchange: Musician Cleverly Tweets Back To A Redneck About His ‘Lack Of Education’

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No education, so tweeted a Donald Trump supporter to John Legend after the Grammy-award singer-songwriter sparked a Twitter war with Trump?s son. A certain ?RedneckHillBilly” was reacting to Legend?s reply to Trump Jr. in Twitter, calling his presidential candidate father a racist.

Earlier, Trump Jr. was tweet gloating over the fact that some anti-Trump protesters don?t know what they?re protesting, while saying Trump supporters ?were articulate and the antis could barely speak.? He is referring to the protesters who disrupted a Trump rally in Chicago last Friday. Pro and anti-Trump camps have clashed during the event, prompting the Trump camp to cancel the rally. Here is Trump Jr.?s tweets that started the debate:

To which Legend shot back with reference to the Ku Klux Klan members who are cheering for Trump:

Trump Jr. immediately called out Legend?s ?racist? post and blamed the singer for having the mindset that divides the country. RedneckHillyBilly then chimed in, attacking Legend?s education. Legend?s reply? It killed the redneck:

Lesson learned: before hitting Twitterverse hit Google for a little research that goes a long way of protecting you from falling flat on your face.

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