‘John Carter: Warlord of Mars’ Gets Fresh Shot with Ron Marz

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People have always had that fascination for life on other planets. Early last century, they thought that life existed on other planets in our solar system. Mars was a pretty good candidate for that, and so they developed stories and tales about Mars. One such story was about the invasion of our planet by Martians, and it became a cult classic. There was another one about life on Mars, and a warlord by the name of John Carter.

John Carter told the story of a Virginia cavalryman; a man on the run from his past. Through the series, he became the first inter-planetary traveler, a man of two worlds: Earth and Mars. The story covered his exploits in?Mars as he met characters like Dejah Thoris, who would eventually become his partner. It is also interesting enough to know that his story, the Barsoom series, was Edgar Rice Burroughs?s first literary project, having done the series before Tarzan.

The series has since then been made into a comic, with animated pictures finally telling the story of the Barsoomian warlord in vivid pictures. It was first published without the ?John Carter? in the title, and was last seen in publication in 2010. It is only making its return to comic books right now, set to release on November of this year. And when he does, there are a few familiar names in tow that will draw and direct where and how John Carter will map his journey on Mars.

In an announcement that coincided with the coming #ComicCon2014, Dynamite Entertainment proudly revealed their plans ahead of their partnership with the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs. They will launch a new series about Barsoom that will carry the title ?John Carter: Warlord of Mars? and is to be written by Ron Marz and penned by Abhishek Malsuni. It is a move that is set to feature the trademarked Carter name for the first time in a publication title. The coming onboard of Marz is also a move in the right direction; he has been famous for his works with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. on a lot of lesser known characters the writer had created.

Marz gushes about being able to write the comic book series for John Carter. He says that it was a guiding force, an inspiration to him since he first read it when he was twelve. He discovered the characters, and everything was never the same for him again. So when the chance presented itself ?to write for the Barsoom series, naturally, he jumped right at it.

The meeting between Dynamite?s Nick Barrucci and Marz was almost accidental. It happened in a comic con last 2010, just as Dynamite had released the first series about John Carter. Ron Marz had approached them with an interest to write for the next series of John Carter if ever there was one, and the rest was history. When Dynamite went about revamping the series, they thought of Ron?s fascination with John Carter, and promptly took him in to write for the series.

Since 2010, Dynamite had been doing stories on John Carter, but it was based under the title ?Warlord of Mars?. The estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs had prevented the use of the John Carter name, but had permitted Dynamite to do so upon their partnership.

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