Joey And Rory Cancer Updates: Joey Stops Taking Medicines, Asks Fans For Prayers

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Now this is surely sad news for Joey and Rory Fork fans.? After being diagnosed with cancer earlier, Joey had to once again go through an extensive surgery and chemotherapy. Talking about the same Rory, wrote on his blog This Life I Live, that there?s nothing more for medicine to do.

Sometimes there just aren?t enough surgeries ? or doctors ? or chemotherapies ? or prayers. And you have to wipe the tears from your cheeks and say the words that you were hoping to never have to say ?? he wrote. ?Enough.?

According to Taste Of Country, when the couple received the news they?d been hoping not to have to face. Two tumors in areas that have already received extensive radiation and chemo have already returned, and more tumors are visible throughout the abdominal region. Joey?s cancer is spreading aggressively despite the punishing treatments she?s received.

?So we did what you do when the medicine isn?t working, and the doctors are at a loss?and when the ?statistics? say you can do more chemo, but it will only buy you a little time?? Rory says. ?We came home. Not to die. But to live.?


With the support of her husband Rory, her daughter Indiana (Indy), and the rest of her family, Joey started chemotherapy at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Atlanta. Despite everything the doctors had done, the cancer was still rapidly spreading. The medicine they were giving Joey wasn?t working, and the doctors were at a loss as to what the next option should be. Although she could still receive chemo and radiation, it would only buy her more time, not a cure, reported Inquisitr.


According to CMT, after returning home, the couple took their calendar off the wall and threw it away. ?So we don?t have forever,? Rory wrote. ?We?ve got right now ? and that?s enough.? As they both continue to process the devastating news, they plan to spend time on the back porch of their farm with their beautiful daughter Indiana, watching the sunsets.


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