Job Hunting? Here?s How To Get That Google Job

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If you ever plan to work on any top-class company, especially Google, there are a lot of tasks that you have to prepare before even applying. The first thing you have to do is to look at available positions if they plan opening up. Then you have to think of a great cover letter to make them have an interest in you. After that, you need a creative resume that is updated and will stand out from the rest of the crowd. And the final thing that?s the only way to get an immediate interview is hope for the best.

You?re right, that?s a lot to think about, but fortunately for every unemployed people out looking for work, there?s a much better way to have a Google jobg. Max Rosett wrote an essay at The Hustle about the fascinating way he landed a job on Google, sharing his reluctance in looking for jobs at famous companies and how he was able to get an interview with the world-class technology company when he simply googled ?python lambda function list comprehension,? according to BGR.

?The Google split open and revealed a black box that read ?You?re speaking our language. Up for a challenge??? Rosett stated. He accepted the challenge, and was shown particular programming exercises for him to solve in exactly 48 hours. ?I clicked through and landed on a page that called itself ?

?I won?t post the problem here, but solving it required a bit of knowledge about algorithms. I had the option to code in Python or Java. I set to work and solved the first problem in a couple of hours. Each time I submitted a solution, tested my code against five hidden test cases. Once my solution passed all those tests, I could submit it and request a new challenge. Over the next two weeks, I solved five more problems.?

After the challenge, Google asked for his contact information. And after a while, a recruiter emailed him to ask for a copy of his resume and scheduled him for an interview, which eventually resulted in landing a job at Google.

? is a brilliant recruiting tactic. Google used it to identify me before I had even applied anywhere else, and they made me feel important while doing so. At the same time, they respected my privacy and didn?t reach out to me without explicitly requesting my information.?

?Overall, I enjoyed the puzzles that they gave me to solve, and I?m excited for my first day as a Googler.?

Maybe if you use the Google search engine enough, they might open a black box just for you.

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