Jinger Duggar?s Boyfriend Was Arrested Once: Is He Going To Marry Jinger?

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Jinger Duggar

Josh Duggar?s family is making headlines for the wrong reasons. Jinger Duggar?s boyfriend Jeremy Vuolo was in jail for harassing a police officer. In Touch Weekly has found the arrest record through a Freedom of Information Act. Jeremy was arrested on January 16, 2008. Later, he paid $250 as fine and got out of jail. As per the arrest record, Jeremy ?was acting belligerent and shouting obscenities.?

According to Inquisitr, Jeremy has confessed that he is not living a party life now like before. ??I was part of the college scene and was living foolishly. I began sliding deeper and deeper into the pits of lust, selfishness, and pride? At one point, it got so bad that I even spent the night in a holding cell at the local police station for refusing to obey a police officer during a night downtown,? Jeremy said.

On his website, Jeremy has written that God has his own court and he will punish the sins. ?You might say, ?Yes, I admit I?ve sinned, but I?m not as bad as Stalin or Hitler!? Of course, we can all find someone worse than us to compare ourselves with, but on Judgment Day we won?t be tried in comparison with others, but in comparison to the perfect standard of God?s righteousness,? Jeremy wrote.

Does He Really Love Jinger Duggar?

Jeremy has praised Jinger with too many sweet words. In his opinion, Jinger is a humble, meek, modest, intelligent young woman with a burning desire to sacrificially serve the Lord in any way she could. He met Jinger through Jess and Ben.

In an exclusive interview with People, Jinger said that she met her boyfriend in May. They had gone on a missions trip together. Jinger is impressed by his character and excited to begin a new life with him.

Jeremy Vuolo was brought up in Downington, Pennsylvania. His father Chuck Vuolo is a pastor. Jeremy studied at Syracuse University. He is a soccer player. Jeremy has played for New York Red Bulls and San Antonio Scorpions.

Do you feel Jinger and Jeremy will get married to each other ?

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