Jinger Duggar Pregnant: Baby Announcement Saved For ‘Counting On’ Season 4 – Here’s What We Know So Far

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Jinger Duggar Pregnant

Ever since Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s wedding, fans have been on some sort of baby watch, but that might finally be coming to an end soon. An insider claiming to be close to the family has “confirmed” that the newlyweds really are expecting their first baby together and they’ve been holding back the reveal for a good reason.

“Jinger and Jeremy are keeping the news under wraps to promote the upcoming season of Counting On,” the source told Star Magazine (via Hollywood Life). “No one would be surprised if they moved back to Arkansas to be with her family.”

The couple has not confirmed the news yet. However, that doesn’t mean the claims are false. Followers of the Duggars know that the family is no stranger to concealing pregnancies. In the past, they’ve gone to great lengths to save big news like such until they felt it’s the right time.

For instance, when Jessa Duggar got pregnant with her second child, they didn’t break the news to the fans until her second trimester. This seems to be the case as well for Jinger who, according to the source, is well into her second trimester now. The new addition to the family is expected to arrive early fall. Yes, word is that the baby was conceived some time between the coffee tastings on their Australian honeymoon.

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Is Jinger Duggar pregnant?

Jinger Duggar Pregnant: REAL OR HOAX?

But before you get all excited, the claims from “an insider” does not really amount to much. Star Magazine is not known for checking facts and it takes random calls or messages from random people who, for all we know, could be bogus. Its website itself says “Star pays for scoops” and freely gives a form to fill out or a contact number to call for any insider information.

That said, it’s best to take any and all pregnancy news with a grain of salt, although it wouldn’t be surprising if the report turns out accurate. After all, Jinger is a Duggar. If there’s anything we know about women in their family, it’s that they’ve been taught from a young age that they were put on Earth for the sole purpose of procreating. Also, they do not believe in birth control. Then there’s Jinger and Jeremy’s desire to have kids.

Jinger said in an interview last year, “Well I love kids. I’m excited for the future, when Jeremy and I are married, to start a family.” Jeremy chimed in with, “We haven’t talked about size, but I know we both love children. They’re a joy.”

Either way, we wish the couple all the best in their marriage life and we’re excited to see them back on Counting On. The all new season of the Duggar’s reality show premieres this summer.

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