Jimmy Kimmel Live Rude Commentary: People Watching Others Play Video Games On YouTube, Twitch ?Are Weird?, Host Gets Flak From Angry gamers

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After a joke he made about gamers on his show, Jimmy Kimmel is getting a lot of heat from angry gamers about his comments towards them.

If you are the person who enjoys watching people play video games on YouTube or Twitch, you are more of a weird person, or that is what Jimmy Kimmel thinks.

On a recent episode of his late night show, Jimmy made a joke about gamers who are watching gamers playing games in video streaming websites, so he decided to make a joke feature on it. However some gamers find it for them to swallow the joke and decided to throw their rage towards Jimmy with a lot of hate comments.

If you check on his video, it has gathered more than 100,000 thumbs down and over 800,000 views. If you can stomach the hate comments, you can try reading them from comment section of the video, but if you want to just let Jimmy read some of the most offensive comments, you can check out the video below to see him read some of those comments and watch his reaction.

Though at the end of the video, Jimmy Kimmel stated that he would love to sit down with these gamers as they watch other players play and see the reception of this trend. There a lot of things that some people may find weird, from watching people unbox items to people destroying iPhones, it is probably depends on the viewers? interests which can alienate some people. But hating someone because they find it weird won?t help explaining your side, it just forms a wall that obstruct us from the outside world and our interests, keeping ourselves more isolated from reality.

What do you think of Jimmy Kimmel?s joke on people watching other people play? Was it really that offending or just another joke that some people just took it seriously, we would like to hear more from your side by leaving a comment below.

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