Jim Delligatti Death Reveals Net Worth: How Much Did Big Mac Give Him?

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Jim Delligatti death

While everyone might not even know him, most people are definitely familiar with his ideas. Jim Delligatti death news brought sadness, as well as numerous questions to a lot of people. For instance, how much did the Big Mac inventor get for his wonderful creation? And of course, who wouldn?t want to know the secret behind the iconic burger recipe?

The Big Mac

Delligatti?s Big Mac satisfied almost everyone?s appetite since the ?60s. As matter of fact, his inventions turned the fast food chain into what it is today. At the present time, the fast food chain is ?massive, powerful, and a necessity in the food industry.

In addition, his recipes and secrets became the best-known sandwich in the world. A lot of people might be curious about how much Delligatti made throughout the years.

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Jim Delligatti Death Question: Net Worth

Jim Delligatti death

Apparently, people have the habit of finding someone interesting the moment this specific person dies. Furthermore, there isn?t much-known information regarding the Big Mac?s creator. According to reports, Delligatti is the one who really created the recipe, however, he didn?t reportedly receive any form of payment from the company.

On the other hand, Big Mac was sold at 50 cents then, and now $4.80 in America after five decades. Back in 2008, McDonald?s came up with an estimation regarding the Big Mac sales. Apparently, one Big Mac sandwich is sold every 17 seconds.

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If this is the case, it?ll be a whopping 550 million burgers every year. In addition, the famous restaurant chain has more than 36,000 branches in more than 100 countries. Furthermore, most of his net worth is assumed to have come from his 48 McDonald?s restaurants back in the day.

Moreover, the Big Mac Museum is also known to have contributed to his net worth. Apparently, not even Jim Delligatti death news can reveal his true net worth. However, one thing is for sure and that is he made tons of money, considering McDonald?s is popular around the world.

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