Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Welcomes Their 20th Kid?

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are not likely to take divorce. The Duggar couple is planning to expand their family by adopting a baby.

Michelle and Jim Bob are the temporary guardians of an 8-year-old boy. That boy is the son of Michelle?s niece Rachel Hutchins and she is not in the condition to take care of her son. She also does not have a home and a stable source of income.

According to InTouch Weekly, Michelle and Jim Bob will raise Rachelle?s son as their 20th kid. The legal document has disclosed that Rachel got her son when she was an unmarried teenager. She was behind the bars for felony charges. She had tried to steal a pocket knife from Springdale, Ark.

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The legal documents have not revealed the name of kid?s father.

Amidst the Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar?s divorce rumors, the Duggar couple is successfully debunking them Michelle received birthday greetings from Jim Bob a couple of days ago. She has also praised him. ?

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?You open doors for me, you seat me first at a table, you get the umbrella for me when it?s raining, you clean up throw up when our little ones are sick, you are the ?lifter of heavy things? so that I don?t have to, you pray with me, you take me on dates, you encourage our children to honor me as your bride and as their mother, you work hard and provide for me and the children, you plan vacations for us, you set goals for our family and help us to work toward achieving them, the list could go on & on!!!? Michelle wrote.

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Duggars have changed their Facebook profile picture and chose Michelle and Jim Bob?s picture. Previously they had the picture of Jeremy and Jinger.

Michelle was not seen with Jim Bob when Jeremy and Jinger announced their courtship. So, it was believed that Michelle did not want to accept Jeremy as a son-in-law and she fought with Jim Bob to stop the wedding. But now the family has posted a picture of Jeremy sharing a side hug with Michelle and Jinger.

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