Jessica Jones: Who Is She And Why Is She The Hottest Female Superhero Today?

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To give us some idea for the upcoming Netflix series, let?s take a look at the newest female super hero.

Marvel has its roster of powerful super heroines, but introducing a not-so-familiar name to your TV screen is a bold move for them. However Jessica Jones is no foreigner to the comic book fans, as she has some tie-ups with Luke Cage and the Avengers. With the Cinematic Universe expanding further into the TV scene, it is no surprise if we see Jessica Jones gets some reference in the Marvel movies. So let?s take a good look on who Jessica Jones really is.

Jessica Jones first appeared in the Alias comic book in the Marvel MAX series (this has no relation to the Jessica Alba Alias TV series) in 2001 which ran for 28 issues until 2004. Jessica became a regular character in 2010 in the New Avengers series.

In her origin, she gained her powers after a fatal car accident with her family when a military convoy transporting radioactive chemicals collided with their car, killer her family. After being comatose for months, she awoke and was adopted by the Jones family. Jessica has then discovered that the radiation exposure granted her super strength, limited invulnerability and flight. After witnessing a battle between Spider-Man and the Sandman in her own class, she was inspired to become a super hero.

However not all things went well on her early career, when she became Jewel, the Purple Man; one of Daredevil?s foe, used his mind control powers over Jessica in which he used her to aid him on his criminal schemes. It wasn?t until Purple Man made a mistake in sending her to the Avengers Mansion to kill Daredevil, where the mind control finally wears off but Jessica was critically injured on her attempt to escape. After months on being in a coma, she returned to crime fighting for one final time and managed to intercept the Owl and his goons, where she then meet Luke Cage who also helped her in defeating the Owl.

So far these are some backgrounds about Jessica Jones as we prepare ourselves for the upcoming series on November 20 on Netflix, where Melissa Rosenberg will play as the titular character.

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