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Jessica Jones Season 2 News: Why Kilgrave Is Baddest In MCU For David Tennant

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In Jessica Jones Season 2 news, David Tennant has a lot to say about the show and his role in it playing Kilgrave. Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor in the British television series Doctor Who, plays Kilgrave in Jessica Jones.

In the Marvel Comics version, his real name is Zebediah Killgrave. He is also known to be Purple Man who has purple skin with the power to control the minds of other people. But in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), writers and producers opted to make the character much more plausible, realistic and way less ?comic-ky.?

In the show, Kilgrave is the alias of Kevin Thompson, who also has the power to control minds but he does not have purple skin. Instead, he wears ?splashes? of purple clothing and would appear to have a slight purple tinted power. He controls minds in the MCU through the release of a virus. This is another deviation from the comics where he emits pheromones.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tennant revealed that Kilgrave?s role is quite unusual for a villain. Unlike others, he does not possess a physical threat but a purely but powerfully psychological one. Also, Kilgrave was not the usual villain who wants to take over Asgard like Loki or has a grand ambition. Kilgrave was just there to own Jessica Jones back. She was the only one that refused him and he became too obsessed with her and hence the chilling and thrilling chase in Jessica Jones Season 1.

This makes the character more realistic and, also, the plausibility of it happening in real life makes the character scarier. Tennant revealed that despite the show telling a story about people with superpowers, it still featured these people like normal people who have some terrible times. The mixture of superpowers, natural tendencies and desires of people is quite a different turn in villain history. There is no aspiration for grandeur but just of simple things that cause big ripples.

This is what makes Tennant?s Kilgrave one of the baddest villains, if the best one, in the MCU. Because of his ?humanity,? he is someone that you can get behind for as he does not have the ?worst? of intentions. As Vulture points out, the Kilgrave arc in Jessica Jones just shows how power corrupts. Also, it shows in a very engaging way how it did that to a potentially good man who ended up doing evil things.

Kilgrave ended up being 40 in Rolling Stone?s list of the 40 Greatest Villains of All Time.

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