Jessica Jones Marvel Series Episode List Leaked? Possible Superhero Team-up Hinted? Guess Who!

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If any rumor should be worth looking into, that would be Netflix?s new original series from Marvel Studios ?Jessica Jones.? The entire episode list of the first season of ?Jessica Jones? was recently rumored to come out which was posted by a Reddit user. The original series will see its production and release from none other than Netflix, which will be on their network streaming services online, according to ScreenRant.

??Jessica Jones? Episode List

A recent rumor was posted online regarding the full list of ?Jessica Jones? episode titles. An anonymous Reddit poster claimed that he had access on the entire list of the first season through the Netflix streaming service and posted it online, shared by ScreenRant. The listed titles all started with the signature title A.K.A:

?Ladies Night?

?Crush Syndrome?

?It?s Called Whisky?

?99 Friends?

?That Sandwich Saved Me?

?You?re A Winner?

?Top Shelf Perverts?


?Sin Bin?

?The Kumbaya Circle Jerk?

?I?ve got the Blues?

?Jewel and the Power Man?


Reports from ScreenRant also suggest that the Jessica Jones episode list?that were posted on Reddit have evidently been inactive for some of the users. It would imply that the episode lists that were displayed may only be a fan created list, which would be inaccurate, shared by ScreenRant.

Brian Michael Bendis took to Tumblr awhile back to share his thoughts on the TV series, ?I know I?ve been very low-key on talking about the Jessica Jones TV show but I think I have to stop doing that because I can?t hold it any longer. I?m going to burst! The show is so good! I have seen the first couple of episodes, and because I didn?t work on it directly, I can say this with no full no-ego fanfare: I loved it! And believe me; I was going to be the hardest on it. Harder than any of you. Jessica is a part of my DNA. A bad Jessica Jones show would have hurt me deeply.?

?Jessica Jones,? which will star Krysten Ritter as the superhero-turned-private-investigator, will have its own challenges to confront after the Netflix series ?Daredevil? made an excellent run, capturing critics and fans. The series is set to release in fall of 2015, followed by the launch of Marvel?s Luke Cage and the release of Daredevil season 2, which will reveal his next enemy, the Punisher.


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