Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Poster Censored In Parts of Israel: The Reason Exposed

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Ahead of the opening of the ?The Hunger Games: Mockingjay ? Part 2?, posters featuring the film’s female lead Jennifer Lawrence were seen throughout Israel ? except in the ultra-orthodox municipalities of Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

Instead of seeing Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in her Mockingjay combat outfit poised with a bow and arrow, the posters displayed at the two Israeli municipalities are only of the fiery crow.

“We discovered that public posters with the image of a female are often torn down in Jerusalem, while Bnei Brak does not allow posters with female images,” a representative of the PR company said, according to ynet.

According to Haaretz, the Bnei Brak municipality said in a statement that a municipal regulation prevents the hanging of posters of women that might provoke the feelings of the city’s residents while the Jerusalem municipality stated that it does not limit the appearance of female images in posters and is unconnected to the poster in question.

“Unfortunately we are subject to unofficial coercion that forces us to be more careful,” said Liron Suissa, VP for marketing of the company responsible for the posters, Nur Star Media. “We have had endless vandalization, and clients prefer not to take the chance. We allow everything, but we recommend hanging another visual when necessary. The decision is the client’s,” she added. Suissa also said that it was not the first time the company had refrained from hanging posters featuring women in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

?You know, I read scripts. I hire people for their opinions, and I listen. But ultimately the gamble is a part of your art. I do things that I respond to, and try not to overthink it,? the sought-after actress said about her choosing her projects in an interview with The New York Times.

Known for being candid and unabashedly herself, she shared her thoughts on the fame she has gotten since The Hunger Games franchise became a worldwide hit. ?I believe in myself more, and that makes things easier. Early on, you wear clothes you don?t want to wear or say the sound bite you didn?t want to say because you?re afraid to speak up or be rude. And then you start to feel like a puppet. Now I just speak up. ?No, I know what my hair looks like when you do that, and I don?t like it. No, we?re not gonna just try it. I?ve already tried it.? But things are tougher, too.?

J-Law recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and showed her comedic side through a skit called ?Come Dance With Us? and will star in the upcoming movie ?Joy?.

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