Jennifer Garner-Ben Affleck Update: Garner Takes Revenge on Affleck with Divorce Story is Questioned

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The rumor that Garner had left Affleck as revenge for not showing up to his surprise party is on thin ice.

Affleck and Garner?s 10 years of marriage abruptly ended when they both told the world of their separation last June. Affleck and Garner have been spotted together on multiple occasions. Many speculations have been made based on these sightings, some even prove that they may be trying to patch things up again.

With a multitude of speculations popping left and right, this two?s story is getting more and more complicated. To add a new twist on their divorce narrative, it appears one rumor is already being debunked.

A recent rumor that?s been revealed by Life & Style magazine tells that Garner had actually pushed for the divorce as an act of revenge against Affleck. What makes things complicated is that Gossip Cop is rebutting this rumor.

The magazine reports that on August 13, Affleck and Garner?s three kids ?spent the morning decorating the backyard of the family?s $17.5 million L.A. mansion for dad?s birthday.?

However, Affleck was not able to arrive to the prepared surprise since he was too busy with his work commitments. Affleck then only arrived home the next day. It is reported that this incident was what triggered Garner to push for the divorce in a bid for revenge.

The magazine?s anonymous source then said that Garner contacted her lawyers. Garner wanted Affleck out of the house and has decided to file the divorce papers with the lawyers.

The source added that:?She?s absolutely done with giving him any more chances. … She?s getting revenge on Ben by going through with the divorce and moving on with her life,?




Gossip Cop on the Case

Gossip Cop however finds the story reported by the magazine to be completely untrue. They say that has a very shoddy premise. It?s pointed out that there no partied happened in California and that Affleck never abandoned his kids. The family did celebrate Affleck?s birthday together when they were still on vacation in Montana.

Only Affleck or Garner can confirm which is right or wrong, but we have to admit, Gossip Cop?s side seems to be holding more water.


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