Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Changes Mind about Divorce; Opts for a Bigger Family Instead

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Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck

For some couples, divorce is probably the end of their relationship. When couples, both celebrity and non-celebrity, drop the big ?D? in their relationship, the next one we?ll probably hear are the settlement news, who will get custody, the usual…

But this is not the case for Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck. In fact, divorce seemed like just a continuation for the two!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Divorce Update

Since the news about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck?s divorce started to spread in 2015 (which broke the hearts of their fans), their relationship immediately took a sudden turn as their reconciliation was reported.

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The couple were seen a couple of times together, subsequent to their big divorce announcement; and speculations state that the two are doing their best to get back together for family?s sake.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have three children, namely, Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina. They?have been married for 10 long years, until they decided to part ways?in 2015. According to HNGN, the couple still lived under the same roof, but decided to stay in different rooms.

Additionally, their divorce was never really concluded, and their family was still spotted going out in restaurants. The couple were also seen casting their votes together.

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Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck?Expecting Fourth Child?

According to GameNGuide, news about Jennifer Garner expecting a fourth child have recently been circulating on social media. The hopes are high for their fans, as this might be a good reason for the couple to get back together for good.

However, rumors about Jennifer Garner?s pregnancy are all made-up, and there?s still no confirmation up to now whether or not the couple is calling off their divorce.

But with the couple going on therapy, and all their efforts of making their marriage work, anything is possible, right?

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