Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Divorce News After Brangelina?s Recently Announced Divorce

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Celebrity Divorce news has gotten pretty common throughout the years but it still shocks everyone when it comes from the celebrities that they love. The most recently confirmed divorce report was on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This time, there are rumors pointing that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux may be next.

The Rumor

Fights break out between couples every now and again, but it appears Aniston and Justin?s recently rumored fight may be a deal breaker. The reason for the fight is because of Justin still keeping in touch with an ex. The ex in question, is Heidi Bivens.

InTouch reported that Aniston went nuts when she caught Justin texting Heidi back in August. Things then escalated quickly since after the incident.

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After the initial spat, Justin went on to Australia for The Leftovers shooting. With Theroux leaving, Anniston apparently took it negatively and felt ?dumped?. After Theroux?s run with the project, he came back home to trouble.

The source further discussed that their anniversary had gone bad and that after fighting over the ex, Aniston and Justin went on to give each other the cold shoulder.



The question now is whether the rumor is true or not. ?A recent source explained to HollywoodLife that the rumor is false.

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s that Neither Aniston and Justin have confirmed or refuted the recent rumors. Fans are left to their imaginations to keep speculating on how their story is going to go down.

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But there may be more weight on the side that they stay together, or at least not break up for the meantime. The InTouch source did share that the couple will eventually be together again. But with the Heidi texting incident still in the background, the couple will undoubtedly need to patch things up before things are too late.

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