Jennifer Aniston Emirates Commercial Shows Hilarious Side Of Being A Celebrity, Watch Here!

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Expect Jennifer Aniston to pull off anything with ease. The actress, who has won millions of hearts with her performance over the years, has once again managed to impress everyone in the new Emirates Commercial.

In the video, Aniston is captured wandering around an unspecified US airplane cabin, dressed in a bathrobe and looking for the shower.

When she stumbles across the cabin crew, she is horrified to find there is no shower, or bar on board the plane. Instead she is offered a bag of peanuts as the cabin crew laugh in her face, states a report by Traveller.Com.

US Today?highlights that, the ad comes amid an increasingly testy spat between the big three U.S. airlines ? American, Delta and United ? and the big three “Gulf carriers” of the Middle East: Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways.

The U.S. airlines allege that their Gulf rivals receive unfair state aid that allows them to add flights to the U.S. at a rate that outstrips demand. The U.S. airlines have asked the federal government to block Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Air from adding any new flights to the United States. The Gulf airlines have vigorously denied those allegations, responding that customers are simply choosing their high-end service for connections from North America to far-flung destinations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

However, when Jennifer gets up, she realises that she was having a bad dream and feels happy about being on the flight. With a positively Rachel-esque flourish she then lowers her voice to entreat, ?Hey, is there someone that we could talk to about maybe flying this around just a little bit longer? Just like, an hour,? reports Daily Mail UK.

Aniston signed a $5 million contract with Emirates in August, so it looks like we will be seeing more of her perky persona in future adverts.

This is her first ad for the airline.


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