Jennifer Aniston Dead? Famous Actress Committed Suicide, Cheating Husband To Blame?

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Jennifer Aniston Dead?

Is Jennifer Aniston dead? Rumors suggest that the successful actress was betrayed by his husband Justin Theroux. The American actor, screenwriter, and director spent a decent amount of time in Berlin accompanied by the actress Sofia Boutella.

According to Life & Style?s headline, ?Justine?s in the Doghouse?, which made Aniston furiously angry after Theroux hung out with Boutella in Berlin. Meanwhile, it is also the same place where Theroux is currently filming the movie named Mute.

Furthermore, the actress posted an image of her and Theroux playing pool together. According to the so-called source, Aniston was so enraged of the picture that Theroux was blown with a series of calls and Skypes from Los Angeles.

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In addition, Aniston?s anger was fueled even more after Theroux called Boutella ?beautiful? in one of his posts. Meanwhile, it?s undeniable that Boutella is one hell of a gorgeous and edgy lady, which also has a killer body.

Is Jennifer Aniston Dead?

Jennifer Aniston Dead?

Meanwhile, the source stated that Boutella is also ?a bit of a jester? which is similar to Theroux. Because of this, it made Aniston stressed even more that they?re actually a good match. According to the so-called source, Aniston was always fearful that he?s going to break her heart.

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That being said, an alleged rumor that says about Aniston?s demise has surfaced the internet. The rumor says that Aniston already had too much marital dispute. Having a failed marriage with one of the most successful actor, Brad Pitt, is already traumatizing

In addition, there?s a lot of rumors regarding the imminent divorce of the couple. That being said, there might be too much on Aniston?s plate. Furthermore, the rumor says that Aniston committed suicide for which everyone knows the reason why.

The Current Situation

While there is no denying that Aniston and Theroux are at each other?s throat, the rumors of her demise is proven to be just a hoax. Aniston and Theroux is?still in one piece despite the numerous marital dispute.

All in all, is Jennifer Aniston dead?, no. Fortunately, the successful actress appears to be fighting for their relationship despite the rumors about her, also betraying Theroux with Brad Pitt. While both of them feel betrayed, a divorce is likely to follow up soon.

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