Jen Selter: Get to Know the Hottest Butt in the Web Today

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While most people are spending lots of hours trying to perfect the art of posting selfies, Jen Selter has gained immense popularity (and lucrative deals) not by uploading pictures showing different cute facial expressions but by posting photos of her butt.

jen selter buttBy now you sure have caught a clip of her in the news as the girl with the best known butt in the world. Check out some photos of her amazing-looking rear.

10207_1396197567304224_542462374_nJen Selter, a 20-year old personal trainer, is known worldwide for her butt. She?s called the hottest butt. And because of her really nice asset, she has been an inspiration for many ladies who want to achieve a firm and nice-looking rear and the subject of every guy?s fantasy.

She started posting photos of her butt in Instagram while working out and doing yoga sessions. It didn?t take long before she became an Internet sensation and accumulated 2 million Instagram followers–which include pop superstar Rihanna and NBA star Amar?e Stoudemire.

Photos of her bottom went viral and everyone started taking notice. She currently has 2,310 Facebook followers. She?s been featured in various news programs.

Her popularity has led to exciting things for the new web sensation. Aside from being dubbed as the next ?Jillian Michaels? she?s also landed a sports management deal. She is now with Legacy Agency–who also handles sports broadcasters, NFL players and baseball stars.

936831_1396072340650080_732160293_nShe can also look forward to different product endorsements, television appearances, book deals and public appearances.

Just in case you?re wondering, yes her butt is real. You can even check out a photo of her back in 2010 and compare it to her bottom now.

Some may find her Instagram posts showy and even inappropriate but don?t think that this young woman is just out to drive attention to her butt. She?s actually trying to send a message here: for women to get their butts up and work out.

Jen could be considered as one of the most inspiring young women today. She is one of those who don’t need to resort to cosmetic surgery to look good. In fact, she promotes the natural way to look good: get fit and stay active.

And as we can all see, she didn’t just get recognized and admired for the way she looks. She’s also managed to use her asset to land profitable deals.

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