Jekyll and Hyde Schedule To Be Moved To Later Time Because Of Gory Scenes? Show Now Has 500 Viewer Complaints!

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ITV Channel refuses to reschedule the new drama ?Jekyll and Hyde? to a late night time slot after viewers expressed concerns about the show?s gory and unsettling images.

According to a report by The Guardian, more than 500 complaints were filed regarding the violent scenes shown during Sunday evening?s broadcast.

Based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, ?Jekyll and Hyde? follows the nephew of the original Dr. Jekyll in 1930s London as he comes across monsters and a mysterious government organisation.

The show featured more than a few grisly images that included a man being beaten to death and another man being burned.

Actor Tom Bateman, who plays the role of Dr. Jekyll, was also seen putting his foot against a child?s throat.

The drama is currently shown at 6:30pm and ITV confirmed it would go ahead with a shift to a 7PM slot starting November 1. The Guardian further reported that no plans were made to move the remainder of its 10-episode run to a time later than 9pm.

The Guardian also reports that an ITV spokesperson highlighted a warning broadcast before the start of show ?advising the parents of younger children they may find some scenes scary?.

Broadcasting regulator Ofcom is expected to assess whether to investigate “Jekyll and Hyde” under rules governing the protection of under-18s and clauses about programming. An Ofcom spokesperson reportedly said: ?We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not.?

Created by ITV?s in-house production arm, the show was written by Charlie Higson, who also helped create ?The Fast Show? and the Young James Bond novels.

The show was made to appeal to the same audience as that of fantasy shows like Doctor Who, Merlin and Atlantis. ITV is hoping it will become a hit abroad to offset the large production cost reported to be at ?14m.

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