Jealousy Incarnate in Hot Water: Weather Forecasters Angered by Show?s Portrayal of Their Profession

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Only two episodes into the new series, and Jealousy Incarnate is already controversial. The character that Gong Hyo Jin plays as weather forecaster Pyo Na Ri, seems to have offended real weather forecasters in Korea. In the new series, Gong plays a weather girl struggling to make both ends meet with her meager salary. She is at the bottom of the newsroom career slope, and is looked down on by the network?s announcers. As a result, she is the go-to person for all unwanted side work, which she accepts and more often than not, even volunteers to do, graciously.

On the first episode of the drama, Pyo Na Ri dons a tight skirt and the show reveals that she is wearing bum pads underneath. Furthermore, the newsroom director prods her to stick her bum and chest out as she delivers the weather report, and she follows suit.

This sparked an outrage from weather forecasters nationwide. An angry weather forecaster, who refused to be identified, said in an interview with Star news, that even though the drama is fiction, it has downgraded their profession too much.

?We gather information about the weather and even write articles. Our job is distinct from announcers. The part where those who do not make it as announcers become weather forecasters is exaggerated,? she said. ?There are academies solely for weather forecasting major nowadays.?

Inaccurate portrayal

She further said that a lot of things did not make sense in the new drama, like stuffing their bums with pads and showcasing their body line on screen. She said this is an inaccurate portrayal of their job as weather forecasters. Furthermore, after watching the show?s first episode, a lot of people have asked her about her job if it was true. She hates that viewers might believe everything they see on the show and put her profession as a weather forecaster in a bad light.

A representative of the company has released a statement regarding the outrage saying that the show had no intention of degrading the job of weather forecasters. ?The reason the character is portrayed so dramatically is because it is a drama. We hope that you will not make judgments based on the first episode alone, and will continue watching to find out how the female lead comes to find pride in her work as a weather forecaster.?

Jealousy Incarnate also stars Jo Jung Suk and Go Kyung Po. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm in SBS.


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