Jealousy Incarnate Finale Recap: New Careers, Acceptance and a Wedding; Series Ends with Good Ratings

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It?s the last episode of Jealousy Incarnate, and the Korean drama tied loose ends to end at a 9.2 rating based on Viki, 8.1 based on IMDb and 11% based on Nielsen Korea. Lee Hwa Shin was given disciplinary action for driving away the network?s huge advertisers because of his fearless commentaries. The management team assigned him to the company?s kindergarten, which led him to tender his resignation. But Mr. Oh wouldn?t allow him to resign. In the end, he was offered a radio program, which tackled health and medical topics.

Na Ri, on the other hand, lost her morning news segment and was advised to be on standby in case any new program comes up for her. Mentor Ba Ja Young also advised her to think about what kind of programs she would like to be a part of. When Na Ri discussed it with Hwa Shin, he told her that her weather forecasts were actually the most interesting ones produced by the network. She recalled everything she went through in the past four years of being a weather forecaster and decided that it is a job she would like to do for a long time. Resolved, Na Ri went to Mr. Oh to inform him of her decision, but on the condition that she be called a weather expert.

Wedding bells at last

Meanwhile, Hwa Shin couldn?t wait to get married to Na Ri that he booked a banquet hall for Christmas Eve. Na Ri is hesitant to marry so hastily; at least, not while Hwa Shin?s mom hasn?t even met her formally yet. They didn?t have to wait for that moment because Mrs. Lee caught them while she was on his way to Hwa Shin?s apartment. She could not believe that her son stole Jung Won?s girlfriend, and is very disappointed. She would come to accept the situation in the end though. After all, it?s because of Na Ri that Hwa Shin discovered he had breast cancer.

Later on, Na Ri came to see Jung Won to personally deliver the invitation to her wedding. She told him that he doesn?t need to come, but he just gave her a hug, accepting that he has lost to his best friend.

Jealousy Incarnate worked out well in the end, with Hwa Shin getting the evening news, which he has always wanted. Na Ri ended up really doing the weather broadcast all her life. There is even a forecast that they get to have kids in the future. There was no preview though of what happens to Jung Won, but we hope he ends up with someone deserving of his kind heart.

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