Jealousy Incarnate Ep 9 Recap: Hwa Shin Tormented with One-Sided Love; Na Ri Admits Liking Jung Won Back

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jealousy incarnate ep recap

Jealousy Incarnate Ep 9 opened where it left off last week. Hwa Shin is asleep with Na Ri at the reporters? dormitory, as he helped her get to bed in her drunken state. The company outing had left Na Ri very drunk from taking all of Hwa Shin?s drinks from him because he is not allowed to have alcohol while he is undergoing radiation treatment. ?Worried that Na Ri will not be able to wake up in time for her 6am weather forecast, Hwa Shin decided to stay with her to wake her at the appropriate time. He ended up sleeping on Na Ri?s bed as well.

Meanwhile, the reporters and weather forecasters are gossiping about the couple as they?re beginning to assume that the two are secretly dating. When Hye Won heard the ladies talking about it, she decided to check the reporters? dorm, and sure enough found Hwa Shin sleeping innocently with Na Ri. She wakes Hwa Shin up and gave him the obvious conclusion of what is actually happening between him and Na Ri?that they are in a one-sided love, with Hwa Shin at the pining end.

On the other hand, Announcer Soo Jung requested Jung Won to fetch her from the same office party because she has had a bit of a drink as well. Soo Jung is the lady that his mother has arranged for him to marry. Hesitantly, Jung Won picked her up, and unknown to them both, his mother had hired a photographer to snap photos of the meet up. The picture produced looked believable enough to send to news outlets, and a nationwide rumor spread. ?When Na Ri saw the images the next day, she packed the dress that Jung Won made for her and went to his boutique to return it. At the same time, Jung Won went out to look for Na Ri to explain that the images didn?t mean anything.

Hwa Shin, however, is going through his own struggles of seeing Na Ri in a different way. As Hye Won has told him, he is definitely caught in a one-sided love, and he realized it when he found Na Ri waiting for him so that she could come with him to his radiation treatment. Hwa Shin is tormented by Na Ri?s thoughtfulness, that even amidst the heartbreak that she?s possibly going through over seeing Jung Won?s photos in the Internet, she was still keeping her word to take him to the hospital.

jealousy incarnate ep 9

Na Ri keeps her promise to come with Hwa Shin to the hospital despite being heartbroken.

Hwa Shin realized that he can?t let Na Ri go, but midway fought against it and took her to where Jung Won was. He told Na Ri, but actually it was more of telling himself, that Jung Won is a better partner for her since he is kinder, and would treat her better than Hwa Shin ever could. He even told her that Jung Won had like her since the first time they met on the plane going to Thailand. And as well-traveled as Jung Won was, he had never wanted to sit next to anyone on a plane until he met Na Ri.

Seeing it through

Prior to that, Hwa Shin had confronted Jung Won about the pictures and its impact to his relationship with Na Ri. Jung Won said that he wants to see it through with Na Ri, but Hwa Shin said that if Na Ri has to suffer through it, he takes back setting him up with her. He proceeds to tell him to do all that he can to find Na Ri and to not leave her alone to be sad.

jealousy incarnate ep 9

Hwa Shin confronts Jung Won about his plans for Pyo Na Ri.

When Hwa Shin and Na Ri finally reach Jung Won, he is upset that she returned the dress. He asks her why she didn?t give him the benefit of the doubt first and allowed him to explain himself. Na Ri responds that she likes Jung Won too. As the two begin their could-be happy ending, Hwa Shin realizes that he likes Na Ri, too.

jealousy incarnate ep 9

Hwa Shin gives way to Jung Won and walks away from Pyo Na Ri.

From all the build up done for Jung Won and Na Ri, it?s confusing how this show will steer the direction back to a Hwa Shin-Na Ri love team. Jealousy Incarnate Ep 9 is already halfway in the season, but Na Ri ending up with Jung Won doesn?t seem so bad at this point.

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