Jealousy Incarnate Ep 8 Recap: Is Hwa Shin Developing Feelings for Na Ri?

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jealousy incarnate episode

In Jealousy Incarnate Ep 8, Jung Won?s fondness for Na Ri just keeps on growing. With his promise to sponsor all her weather forecaster clothes, he set to work one evening designing a dress for her and making sure she will have a pair of made-to-order footwear as well. This is because weather forecasters stand on their feet while they do the broadcast. Na Ri is happy with the attention but is not overstepping her boundaries. She found out last episode that Jung Won was already arranged to be married to someone else.

Meanwhile, Na Ri is intent on pushing Hwa Shin to go to his radiation treatment to eliminate his breast cancer disease once and for all. She is even willing to pretend to be the one who needs the treatment, with Hwa Shin playing as her guardian, so that he doesn?t have to reveal to anyone that he has cancer. He is still putting his career and image over his own health, but Na Ri won?t let him ignore his radiation treatment. She insists that even if she does not want to spend time with Hwa Shin, she wants to take care of this aspect of his life because she remembers when she lost her mom. Her mom had been too busy tending to their shop that she did not go for her own cancer treatment.

When Mr. Oh invited the whole newsroom on a company dinner where a lot of drinking was involved, Na Ri intercepted all alcoholic drinks that were given to Hwa Shin. She knows that while on radiation treatment, he is not allowed to drink or eat pork belly.

Dating secretly?

Since she decided to put Hwa Shin?s health at her best interest, she has been on his case about what he eats and drinks. The weird behavior is causing some of her colleagues to assume that the two are secretly dating. On the other hand, Hwa Shin is also slowly realizing how caring Na Ri is.

jealousy incarnate episode

It looks like Hwa Shin is starting to care for Na Ri, too.

Incidentally, Hwa Shin is gunning for the 9 o?clock anchor spot with Sung Sook as his rival. When Ja Young realized the threat of the reporters taking over the 9 o?clock anchor spot, she convinced Hong Hye-Won to go after the coveted position as well. She said that once the reporters get the anchor position, the announcers will soon be made redundant. But it looks like Hye Won, who is used to everyone always praising her in the newsroom, wants Hwa Shin?s attention instead. This part of the drama still needs to play out more clearly, which would probably happen in the next episodes.

jealousy incarnate episode

What is Hye Won’s angle?

On the other hand, Sung Sook and Ja Young are still clamoring for Ppal Gang?s affection. They have both moved into the apartment above Chef Rak?s restaurant, but Ppal isn?t acknowledging any of them and goes about her rebellious ways.

Will Hwa Shin realize Na Ri?s importance beyond Jealousy Incarnate Ep 8? Find out what happens next only here at The Bitbag.


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